Pickleball courts for clubs, retirement communities, MDU facilities and backyards are becoming very popular.  We can design and build new courts or convert existing tennis courts into pickleball courts.  Mid-American Courtworks is a specialty sports contractor belonging to the American Sports Builders Association.  We specialize in complete post-tension pickleball court construction.  We can design and build a complete pickleball court or multiple pickleball courts from the ground up.  We also sell and install all the pickleball and game court accessories - lighting, fencing, seating, windscreens, slats, nets, net posts, etc.

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Tensioned cable reinforced concrete - Cost effective method for building pickelball courts.

Minimizes and controls cracking - Post tensioning will reduce cracking and keep any cracks that do form tight and small.




We can install an innovating cushion surface for new or existing courts.   This cushion surface brings a new level of cushioned court comfort to  pickleball courts.  Play harder and longer with less stress and fatigue.  For indoors or outdoors.  First, a resilient cushioned base mat is installed, 6mm to 10mm thick using 1-3 mm SBR granules, 1-3 EPDM rubber granules, bound together with latex resin and/or polyurethane resin.  Second, unique center layers of reinforcing barrier resins to transition to the third phase of construction; application of a proven world class four-layer,textured, acrylic court surfacing system.